Dark Souls 维基

Role Synopsis:

Long ago, during the Age of Ancients, the world was unformed, with no light or dark, no life or death.All that existed were the Everlasting Dragons, and the Archtrees they called their homes.At some point, however, a fire came into being in the bowels of the Earth, known as the First Flame.The flame brought disparity; life and death, light and dark.At some point, humanoid beings came into existence, and drawn to the flame, four of them found great souls of lords in the fire.Gwyn found the Light Soul, which gave him power over lightning and sunlight.His fellow lords were the Witch of Izalith, who found the Life Soul, Gravelord Nito, who found the Death Soul, and the Furtive Pygmy, who found the Dark Soul and split his soul into infinite fragments, creating humankind, and stayed hidden, waiting for the fire to fade.

Along with his fellow lords, and a host of other gods and warriors, Gwyn made war against the Everlasting Dragons above. When one of the dragons' own, Seath the Scaleless, betrayed their secret weakness, Gwyn and his lords were able to defeat the dragons, and make the world their own, thus beginning the Age of Fire. Gwyn and his fellow gods ruled from the glorious city of Anor Londo. Gwyn had three children; a first-born son who loved only war, a daughter named Gwynevere, and a deformed son named Gwyndolin, who was raised as a daughter due to his affinity for moonlight magic. The humans worshiped Gwyn and his fellow gods. At some point, Gwyn's firstborn lost the "annals of history," and Gwyn punished him by stripping him of his deific status, and removing every mention of his name and every statue in his likeness, leaving him forgotten to time. Gwyn would split his mighty soul into smaller pieces, which he bestowed as a reward to exemplary servants, such as Seath the Scaleless, and the Four Kings of New Londo.

Thousands of years prior to the events of Dark Souls, the First Flame began to dim. Gwyn went to his fellow lord, the Witch of Izalith in order to find a solution. The Witch attempted to use her own lord soul to create a new flame; however, the process went horribly awry. The attempt transformed the Witch and two of her daughters into the Bed of Chaos, a horrific monstrosity that transformed the denizens of Izalith into terrifying demons. Gwyn now found himself embroiled in a war against the demons, as the flames continued fading.

The fading of the flames meant the coming of the dark, and the undead began appearing amongst humans; humans who had died but could not remain dead, instead coming back over and over again until they hollowed, leaving nothing but mad beasts. Knowing that the fading of the flames would mean the end of him and his Age of Fire, Gwyn resolved to sacrifice himself in order to delay this. With all the gods except Gwyndolin having left Anor Londo, Gwyn entrusted the city to him. Gwyn went to the First Flame, the very fire that had given him his soul, and fed himself and all of his power to it. Gwyn became fuel for the flame, temporarily halting it from fading, and leaving him a hollow husk.

But the flames would inevitably begin fading once more.Gwyndolin and Kingseeker Frampt began searching for undead that could take Gwyn's place and re-link the flame in his place, again extending the Age of Fire.One such Chosen Undead was found, and defeated Gwyn, choosing either to link the flame in his place, or to let it fade, and take up the mantle of the Dark Lord.

Tier: 11

Great Lord Gwyn.The First Flame Volition,The Supreme being of the Dark souls.Defeated Everlasting Dragons.

Gwyn,Lord of Cinder
Gwyn, Lord of Cinder
战场 Kiln of the First Flame
出现 Gwyn,Lord of Cinder
NG 4,250 NG+ 6,745
NG 70,000 NG+ 140,000

Powers and Abilities :unBoundlessGwyn when he connected the first flame. had Boundless Power.No one could defeat Gwyn until the power of fire had weakened. Gwyn's power represents the beginning of a new world. The most powerful force will be everlasting Dragons Genocide. The power of fire freed Gwyn from the constraints of time and space.

Even when he lost most of his power, Gwyn still had the power of the sun, which kept the solar system and world view alive for millennia. except fire. Connect the first flame Gwyn transcends all possibilities and impossibilities Beyond all existence and non-existence

Biography With Reference:

The Early Fire of the Dark Soul and the Origin of Fire and Logos of Heraclitus:

"This world, which is the same to all beings, was not created by any god, nor by any man; It was, is, and will always be an eternal fire, burning in a certain measure, in a certain measure to extinguish."

Heraclitus said: Fire is the principle of all thingsHeraclitus believed that the essence of all things was fire, which could destroy and shape everything. Fire is not only the source of all things, but also God.

Fire is the nearest thing to being formless; What's more, fire can make other things move as well as move. Logos and fire are the internal and external aspects of the same origin, that is, the natural things (the origin of fire) that are always in the circulation and change of birth and death, namely, change, and the invariable scale nature of all things (logos), namely, law.Heraclitus believed that the existence of the world was not created by God, but an eternal living fire, and according to a certain degree of burning, according to a certain degree of extinguishing. Fire is the birth of all things and souls.

Heraclitus's idea of "the world is a living fire" also reflects that the world is constantly changing and growing, and this idea is also very important in Lao Tzu's Taoist thought, for example, the famous sentence "Tao can be Tao and is extremely Tao. "Names can be named, very names", and "anti-Tao movement", all explain that Tao is elusive, unpredictable, and Tao is always in motion and change.

When fire burns, all things are destroyed. When the fire goes out, everything wakes up again. Everything is in such a cycle of constant change, from birth to death.

The first fire of the black soul represents civilization, awakening, the rise and fall of the cycle, and also represents the inevitability of the birth of civilization in the long history. The fire extinguishing outcome of the fire girl will say that there is still a flame in the dark, which means that the historical development will inevitably have a new fire one day. But from another perspective, it also means that no matter how to spread fire, fire will die out one day, because this is the inevitable cycle of all things in the world (such as the prehistoric relics discovered in the real world, the rise and fall of modern civilization, dynasty change, etc., everything in the universe has a lifetime, even the sun will die out one day).

Although Everlasting Dragons immortal, invincible in the original Chaos is outside the Tao, also ended by Gwen. Although the sun king Ge Wen created a new era of fire, also became the god of the era of fire, but in any case can not prevent the fire out reincarnation, even if their own firewood can only maintain the world. This is what Heraclitus says: "that all things are eternal fire, and that they thrive and they die. Over and over and over again."

Lore[ | ]

Lordran is the land of the ancient lords and was once home to Gwyn, the Lord of Sunlight, Nito, the First of the Dead, The Witch of Izalith, Seath the Scaleless, and their many brethren and faithful servants.

It is stated in ancient legend that the Chosen Undead will make pilgrimage to Lordran from the Undead Asylum. However, many dangers await those who wish to seek their fate in its various cities, forests, and dungeons. The All Everyrhing world is in Lordran. Lordran is the Absolute infinitesmall.

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