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Xanthous Ashes are a key item in Dark Souls III. They are one of several umbral ashes that can be found throughout the course of the game.

In-Game Description

Umbral ash of a sorcerer who explored the golden sorceries of a long-lost land. With this, the shrine handmaid will prepare new items.
They were called xanthous scholars, but some foolishly imitate them by simply dressing in yellow.


Found within a cell in the Irithyll Dungeon. The cell is found in the final cell block with the seven Jailers patrolling it, just before the Profaned Capital.


Extends the Shrine Handmaid's inventory to include the following items:

Available Item Cost
Gold Pine Resin 1,000
Gold Pine Bundle 600
Young White Branch 1,000
1 Xanthous Gloves 7,000
1 Xanthous Overcoat 10,000
1 Xanthous Trousers 7,000