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Wrath of the Gods is a miracle in Dark Souls.

In-Game Description

Primal form of Force. Create powerful shockwave.
Wrath of the Gods was an epic tale that tattered into the modern Force. This primal form of Force emits a shockwave that also emits damage.


General information[]

Similarly to Force, Wrath of the Gods emits a shockwave that can block Sorceries in all directions from the player. It has a larger radius than Force; on top of this, it also deals magic damage for 2.8 times the talisman's MagAdjust. 

Wrath of the Gods benefits from miracle synergy. The damage multiplier increases by 0.1 for each level of synergy, up to a maximum of 3.2.

Getting hit by this miracle while facing the back of the caster will send you towards the caster instead of away from them. This will also hit through blocks, regardless of stability. This does not occur in the Remaster, and will instead be blocked.


Thanks to its fast cast time and its very high damage that often ignores shields and almost always staggers or knocks over enemies, Wrath of Gods is considered to be one of the best Miracles in the game. In PvE, it is a very useful "panic" spell—very few enemies can withstand repeated castings of this miracle in NG. Wrath of the Gods is also useful against Bosses due to their slow movement speed.

In PvP, Wrath of the Gods is frowned upon by many to be "cheap". Indeed, it can often nearly instantly kill players, cause stagger with too high of Poise and will almost always deal heavy damage if it connects.


Keeping a good distance from the user will limit the usefulness of this spell. Should distance be closed, rolling at the right time will prevent all effects of Wrath of the Gods; having a fast roll greatly increases the chance of surviving an encounter with this miracle. Magic Barrier and Great Magic Barrier drastically reduce the damage output of this spell.

If the spell actually connects with the player, it is actually better to have lower poise. The lower the poise is, the more quickly a player will fall over instead of being staggered. Players that are knocked over gain invincibility frames (and thus a chance to get away), while players that simply get staggered can be hit again with another cast.