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For the Dark Souls III variant, see Witchtree Branch (Dark Souls III).

The Witchtree Branch is a staff in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

Branch of a forest-wandering witchtree. Catalyst for sorceries and hexes.
Now it is used as a weapon, but this was originally a part of a witchtree.


This staff has the fastest of all casting times as well as a decent Magic and Dark attack bonus. It has a rather low Intelligence requirement as well as decent scaling, making this staff a good one to keep around while working up to a higher, more Sorcery or Hex devoted staff, such as the Staff of Wisdom. Even then, players may still want to switch between both in case they require power or casting speed.

A +10 Magic-infused Witchtree can almost match a +4 Staff of Wisdom with a Magic infusion, meaning it has quite the punch too. It can also be acquired early to mid game if the player is striving for it too.


Found in a chest behind the Forgotten Door in Majula's Deep Pit. It can be reached by navigating the Deep Pit using fall damage-reducing equipment, such as the Silvercat Ring (it's safer to remove all other equipment before dropping). At least 750 to 800 HP is advised before attempting the drop, along with healing items.

The Deep Pit can also be navigated by using a ladder built by Laddersmith Gilligan after he arrives to Majula. He will set up the ladder for 12,000 souls. After climbing down the ladder, proceed to climb up the metal ladder to the Forgotten Door.

Dropped by Forest Spirits in Frozen Eleum Loyce. The Crown of the Ivory King DLC must be installed in order to access this area (already included in Scholar of the First Sin).

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