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For the Dark Souls III variant, see White Dragon Breath (Dark Souls III).

White Dragon Breath is a sorcery in Dark Souls.

In-Game Description

Sorcery developed by Logan during his infatuation with Seath the Scaleless. Emit crystal breath of Seath the Scaleless.
Although it no longer causes curses, what madness caused old Big Hat to appropriate this frightful power of the ancient dragons?


Dropped by Big Hat Logan in The Duke's Archives, where the player first encountered Seath.

It is required that the player has first freed Logan from his cell and defeated Seath the Scaleless in the Crystal Cave.

General information[]

After a long windup, the user conjures crystals that rapidly expand along the ground in a straight line, dealing damage at the tip of its growth. White Dragon Breath cannot hit airborne opponents. In terms of damage, White Dragon Breath deals magic damage for 2.8 times catalyst magic adjustment.

It has both a longer casting time and travels at a slower velocity than most other sorceries, so hitting a nimble target with it can prove tricky. However, it is particularly useful in the regard that it travels along the terrain. This means that when the spell is cast, it can travel up walls, should one be in its path.

White Dragon Breath comes with 20 uses for a single slot. This is five times as much as the (Crystal) Soul Spear sorceries. This makes it a prime candidate for use with the Tin Crystallization Catalyst.


  • Logan will drop this sorcery regardless if he is fought in human or hollow form.
  • This sorcery will not work in the Abyss.