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Weight Weight is a gameplay mechanic and stat in Dark Souls.


Weight applies to all types of worn items, such as weapons, armor and shields. The heavier an item is, the more it encumbers the player. Weapons with a higher weight value tend to have a slower swing speed, and heavier armor pieces tend to have more defense and Poise while reducing stamina regeneration.

Equipment Load[]

Maximum equipment load is determined by the Endurance stat and determines how greatly the weight of the currently equipped weapon and armor affects movement and roll speed. This change occurs when the total sum of the weight of equipment exceeds 25%, 50% and 100% of total equip load.

Increasing equipment load above 100%, 115% and 120% further slows the player's actions, including turning around, with the maximum effect at 120% and above. When 120% is exceeded, the player may only walk and rolling is no longer possible. Backstepping and rolling become a stagger-like motion.[1]

Havel's Ring boosts the player's maximum equipment load by 50%, the Ring of Favor and Protection boosts the player's maximum equipment load by 20%, and the Mask of the Father boosts the player's maximum equipment load by 5%.

Strength equation[]

There is an equation used to determine the amount of strength a weapon/shield requires to be wielded. The equation is:

This equation is shown in almost every weapon's strength/weight values. For example, the equation for the Zweihander is 24 = 2(10) + 4.


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  1. Based on one person's 5 minute testing with equipment loads up to 300%.