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Not to be confused with Weapon Modification or Self Augmentation.

Weapon Augmentation, also known as Weapon Enchantment, is a gameplay mechanic in Dark Souls.

General information[]

Certain weapons can be augmented, or buffed, through various spells and pine resins. These augmentations typically grant the weapon temporary Elemental Damage but can also grant the Poison auxiliary effect.

Weapons upgraded down the Standard, Raw, and Crystal upgrade paths can all be augmented. Some Dragon weapons and most weapons upgraded with Twinkling Titanite cannot be augmented, although exceptions do exist.


  • Switching or unequipping an augmented item will instantly cancel the effect.
    • This can be used to apply new augmentations, or to refresh the duration of one that was already cast.
  • Augmentations can not be applied to weapons equipped in the off-hand, with the exception of shields.
  • Magic Shield variants are the only augmentations that can be applied to shields, and vice versa.


All Standard Weapons can be augmented, with the exception of Bows and Crossbows.

Non-standard weapons[]

Many Dragon Weapons and a small number of Unique Weapons can also be augmented.

Dragon weapons[]

Unique weapons[]


All Shields may be augmented with the Magic Shield and Strong Magic Shield sorceries, regardless of upgrade path.


Augmentation Effect Duration
Charcoal Pine Resin Fire damage 60 seconds
Gold Pine Resin Lightning damage 60 seconds
Rotten Pine Resin Poison Auxiliary Effect 60 seconds
Darkmoon Blade Magic damage 60 seconds
Sunlight Blade Lightning damage 60 seconds
Magic Weapon Magic damage 60 seconds
Great Magic Weapon Magic damage 60 seconds
Crystal Magic Weapon Magic damage 60 seconds
Hidden Weapon Weapon Invisibility 60 seconds
Magic Shield Shield Stability 15 seconds
Strong Magic Shield Shield Stability 15 seconds

"Tumblebuff" glitch[]

The "Tumblebuff" glitch allows any weapon to be augmented, even those usually forbidden. After rolling and activating a Catalyst or Talisman, the player must quickly open the equipment menu and exchange their equipped Standard, Crystal or Raw weapon for their target weapon, typically a non-augmentable weapon. If the player times it correctly, the casting animation will begin, but the target weapon will be buffed instead of the previously equipped weapon

While the "Tumblebuff" glitch allows the player to cast sorcery and miracle augments, including Hidden Weapon on any weapon, it does not work with the Charcoal, Gold or Rotten Pine Resins.

This glitch is an uncommon find in PvP, but its use is frowned upon by almost all of the community.


Dark Souls Patch 1.07 "TumbleBuff Glitch"

Video demonstration of how to perform the "Tumblebuff" glitch.