Way of White Corona is a miracle in Dark Souls III: Ashes of Ariandel.

In-Game Description

A lost Way of White miracle. Launches a white discus which slices into foes and returns to the conjurer.
Long ago, when the imprints left by the gods were still deep, miracles of the Way of White existed alongside aureoles.
Those who yearned for the long-lost aureoles fully believed that they would return, one day.


Found inside a chapel near the end of the Corvian Settlement, after ascending to the top of the settlement and traversing a cliff-side then dropping into the building. It is guarded by two Corvian Knights, one of each variant.


The caster quickly conjures a white discus and launches it forward. The discus deals 0.85 times the Spell Buff of the catalyst as physical damage.

The disc will be destroyed upon hitting any solid level geometry, such as walls and floors. If it travels the full distance it will hover in place, dealing damage up to 3 times at its location, before returning to the caster, also inflicting damage as it returns. Thus, including the travel forward and back, Way of White Corona can inflict up to 5 instances of damage in a single cast. Multiple instances of this Miracle can be active at once.


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