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The Watcher's Shield is a small shield in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

Small shield used by the Throne Watcher.
Made from an old sacred chime
The Watcher has stood by the throne for ages.
Will his wishes be fulfilled?


The Watcher's Shield is acquired by trading the Throne Watcher Soul and 3,000 souls with Weaponsmith Ornifex. This means the player will be unable to get both the Throne Watcher's greatsword and shield at the same time, unless they respawn him, along with the Throne Defender, with a bonfire ascetic or by going into NG+ and defeat them once more to acquire the soul again.


The Watcher's Shield is a well-balanced shield for its weight, offering excellent elemental defenses, as well as a 95% physical damage reduction, a trait uncommonly seen on many other small shields. Its flaw, however, is its low stability. Even when the shield is fully-upgraded, one must be cautious not to overuse this shield in the heat of combat, as one's guard can easily be broken if one too many strong attacks are absorbed.


  • Upon blocking an attack with this shield, a single chime can be heard, which is likely due to the fact that it was made from an old sacred chime, as stated in the item's description.
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