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For the Dark Souls covenant, see Warrior of Sunlight.
For the Dark Souls II covenant, see Heirs of the Sun.
For the covenant item, see Warrior of Sunlight (item).

The Warriors of Sunlight is a covenant in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

Warriors of Sunlight are brilliantly beaming co-operators who place their golden signatures to help those in need, for it is their duty to deliver a great conquest to their summoner.

How to joinEdit

The emblem to join the covenant can be found in the Undead Settlement, inside the leftmost house from the big open area with several peasants and an Evangelist praying at a burning tree.

Upon entering the house, head right and drop through a hole in the floor. The hole is partially concealed by several boxes and dead Cage Spiders. The covenant item is on a table along a wall opposite a fireplace with a cauldron of Estus Soup.

Altar of Sunlight locationEdit


Towards the end of Lothric Castle, just before fighting the Dragonslayer Armour, a steeple can be climbed via a ladder. Follow the path across the rooftop and beyond some hollow soldiers to find a room with a ladder leading down. Follow the ladder down and make way to the end of a hallway where a red-eyed Lothric Knight stands guard. Past the Knight will be a room with the Sunlight Altar and a one-way door leading directly back to the area in front of the Dragonslayer Armour boss fight.


Joining the Warrior of Sunlight covenant will change the color of the player's summon sign from white to yellow, allowing hosts to easily distinguish them from other signs. Assisting a Host of Embers with the defeat of an area boss will reward the covenant member and the host with a Sunlight Medal as well as an Ember, and upon returning to their own world the player will automatically be granted their own Host of Embers status if they did not have it previously. Multiple Warriors of Sunlight in the same world will not increase the number of medals that are awarded.

Alternatively, players within this covenant can use a Red Eye Orb or Red Sign Soapstone to invade or be summoned into another player's world, as a red spirit that is distinguished by an orange glow. Defeating the Host of Embers will also reward the player with a Sunlight Medal.


Rank Medals offered Rewards
+0 - Nothing
+1 10 Sacred Oath
+2 30 Great Lightning Spear

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