Warrior of Sunlight
For the Dark Souls II covenant, see Heirs of the Sun.
For the Dark Souls III covenant, see Warrior of Sunlight (Dark Souls III).

The Warrior of Sunlight covenant is a co-op oriented covenant in Dark Souls. Warriors of Sunlight cross over worlds to engage in jolly co-operation.


The player must have 25 (50 in the non-patched version) Faith. This requirement is lowered by 5 for every boss the player kills as a white phantom.

How to joinEdit

Once all requirements are met, the player may kneel in front of the broken statue on the balcony behind the Hellkite Dragon.


Warriors of Sunlight are watched over by Lord Gwyn's Firstborn, the former god of war who was stripped of his deific status.


Upon joining, players receive the Lightning Spear miracle, and can learn the Praise the Sun gesture. Players in this covenant will have an easier time co-oping with other Warriors of Sunlight, as well as Princess's Guards and members of the Way of White covenant. Also, Warriors of Sunlight will have a golden summon sign instead of a regular white summon sign, and appear as gold phantoms instead of white phantoms.

Upon defeating a boss with a Warrior of Sunlight present, all members of the party (including the Warrior of Sunlight) will receive a Sunlight Medal, giving Warriors of Sunlight further priority over other summon signs with the incentive of further rewards. The Sunlight Medal award also applies if NPC Solaire of Astora is the summoned Warrior of Sunlight.

Further rewards are granted upon leveling up:

Rank Medals Offered Rewards
+0 - Access to the Lightning Spear miracle, access to the Sunlight Spear miracle if the player offers the Soul of Gwyn, Lord of Cinder.
+1 10 Access to the Great Lightning Spear miracle.
+2 30 Nothing
+3 80 Nothing

Betrayal penaltiesEdit

Players lose access to the Sunlight Spear miracle.


  • The "Praise the Sun" gesture associated with Warriors of Sunlight is a personal favorite of Hidetaka Miyazaki, the head of From Software.
  • The Praise the Sun gesture is also featured in Demon's Souls, and is performed by casting a Miracle with the Ring of Sincere Prayer equipped.



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