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"Fearless Warrior. Weapon expert. High strength, dexterity."
— Character Creation

The Warrior is one of the classes in Dark Souls.

The Warrior is one of the most well-rounded starting classes, with high Strength and Dexterity, allowing them to make use of a lot of the equipment they come across. They also start with a solid shield and an easy-to-use weapon, as well as fairly light armor that sacrifices poise for mobility.

Their balanced stats make them a good choice for new players, with their main disadvantage being their initial lack in the magic stats, forcing them to rely on melee attacks. For a player who does not wish to use any magic whatsoever, they are the optimal choice.

Starting Equipment[]

Starting Statistics[]

Image Stat Name Value
- Level 4
Para vit large Vitality 11
Para attun large Attunement 8
Para endur large Endurance 12
Para str large Strength 13
Para dex large Dexterity 13
Para resist large Resistance 11
Para int large Intelligence 9
Para faith large Faith 9
Total Points at Level 1 86