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Wall Warriors are enemies in Dark Souls II.

General information[]

Ghostly warriors, wielding claymore-like swords and swinging them at whomever passes by.


These foes have very few attacks and don't deal much damage. Their low HP makes them easy to deal with. Using ranged attacks makes eliminating them even easier, as they cannot move. The only real threat they pose is that they may attack the player while they are fighting the Imperious Knights, interrupting the player's actions. It's best for the player to either take them out before attempting to deal with the Imperious Knights or avoid staying close to the walls for prolonged periods of time.

Scholar of the First Sin[]

In Scholar of the First Sin, a Wall Warrior appears without warning at the middle of a long ladder in the central hall of the Undead Crypt. If it manages to hit the player, this will be knocked off the ladder and, due to the height where this occurs, may not be able to withstand the fall and die. Getting near and attacking it one hit at a time or climbing off the ladder and attacking it from a distance are viable options to deal with this enemy.


  • Overhead Slash: Pulls weapon over their head and swings it.
  • Swipe: Performs a horizontal slash.
  • Stab: Pulls weapon back and stabs straight forward.


  • These foes cannot be staggered, so they cannot be interrupted during an attack.
  • The player can pass through them.