Concept art of a Vinheim sorcerer

Vinheim is a mentioned location in Dark Souls and Dark Souls III. The town was supposedly controlled by the Vinheim Dragon School, an institution specializing in the study and teaching of Sorcery.[1] The school's name is possibly derived from the great albino dragon, Seath the Scaleless, said to be the grandfather of sorcery.[2]

The school contained various faculties, each specializing in its own field. Some sorcerers studied in magical blacksmithing. These smiths only worked with high quality embers relating to magic, and rarely dealt in other types.[3][4] Other sorcerers secretly worked with sound-based spells, and were known to never reveal themselves.[5] Shadowy agents from the school were also available for hire, but were generally very expensive due to the nature of the spells they used.[6][1] The magic swordsmen of Vinheim were another group, who specialized in spells that magically augmented their sword and shield.[7] Magic swordsmen on special orders were granted access to powerful variants of spells to augment their greatshields.[8]

Apprentices of the Vinheim Dragon School were considered full sorcerers once they acquired the Great Soul Arrow spell.[9] The most accomplished sorcerers were granted powerful rings that bolstered their magical abilities.[10][11] Some of these rings have been uncovered centuries later, and passed onto new owners.[12] Big Hat Logan was a hugely renowned and accomplished sorcerer of Vinheim, and a royal member of Dragon School.[4]

Most sorcerers at the school used a standard catalyst to cast their magic, however some sorcerers, such as Big Hat Logan, were able to strengthen their catalysts over time, due to extensive usage.[13][14]

While Vinheim Dragon School was a renowned institution and instrumental in developing various magical spells, the more mystical and ancient sorceries prominent in the lost land of Oolacile were beyond them.[15] It is believed the Vinheim Dragon School was eventually dissolved and reestablished at least a dozen times in the aftermath of Lord Gwyn's defeat by the Chosen Undead. The last known iteration of the school is thought to be the Melfian Magic Academy, in Melfia.[16]





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