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"Don't you dare meet M'lady like that. You might scare her off for good!"
— Vince of Thorolund

Vince of Thorolund is a minor character in Dark Souls. He is voiced by Adam Sopp, who also voiced Rickert of Vinheim, as well as the male Anri of Astora in Dark Souls III.


Vince and Nico are the bodyguards of Reah of Thorolund. He will appear with his companions in the Firelink Shrine after the player rings the first bell in the Undead Parish. Unlike his mumbling companion, Vince will have a brief conversation with the player. In it, he tells the player that his party are going on a quest, but reveals little more.

If the player does not exhaust all of his and Reah's dialogue, they will leave Firelink Shrine when the player defeats Pinwheel in The Catacombs.

The player next encounters Vince and Nico as Hollowed enemies in the Tomb of the Giants, in the pit that Patches kicks them into. The player must defeat them in order to rescue Reah.


Vince and Nico are pretty much straight melee fighters. They have above average health, hit fairly hard, and the fact that they fight together may cause problems for the player. The player must also fight them in near-pitch darkness; the Skull Lantern, Sunlight Maggot helmet, or the Cast Light sorcery will greatly aid players in this aspect. Vince casts miracles including Force and Heal. Force can disrupt your block and drain your stamina quickly, while letting heal get out of hand can make the fight go on for ages.

An alternative (and far easier) way of defeating the two is to lure them to the edge of the area where bone towers spawn. From here, using the 'force' miracle multiple times will force one, if not both of them, off the map, leaving the remaining one to be dealt with relative ease.

Character information[]

Health and souls[]

Location Health Souls
Firelink Shrine 638 1,045 1,000 2,000
Tomb of the Giants 821 1,346 1,000 2,000


Location Physical Defenses Elemental Defenses Resistances
Regular Defense Strike Defense Slash Defense Thrust Defense Magic Defense Fire Defense Lightning Defense Poison Toxic Bleed
Firelink Shrine 280 280 312 280 184 180 141 C C C
Tomb of the Giants 340 340 372 340 253 237 205 C C B

These stats are sourced from FuturePress's Official Dark Souls Strategy Guide.


Right Hand Left Hand
Wpn Mace.png
Mace +14
Tali Thorolund Talisman.png
Thorolund Talisman
Caduceus kite shield.png
Caduceus Kite Shield +14

Head Chest Hands Legs
Cleric Armor.png
Cleric Armor +10
Cleric Gauntlets.png
Cleric Gauntlets +10
Cleric Leggings.png
Cleric Leggings +10

Mirc Force.png



  • Patches is suspected to have led Vince and Nico to their deaths. An infamous trickster, Patches is found near their hollowed forms and mentions his distaste for clerics.
  • 5 humanity can be obtained using the Dark Hand, if used on him before he goes hollow.
  • From his dialogue, it is implied that Vince is one of the few humans who does not hate Undeads.