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The Very Large Ember is an Ember in Dark Souls.

In-Game Description

Ember required for weapon ascension. Huge ember of highest quality. Handled by the blacksmiths of Astora.
Ascension for +10 standard weapon. Allows reinforcement to +15, on par with the greatest weapons of legend.


Found in the New Londo Ruins, after the water level is lowered.

Easily accessed via the first elevator shortcut, the one nearest to the ruin's entrance. Directly next to the elevator's bottom doorway lies a second identical archway leading to a narrow staircase. By following the narrow path up all the way around the room's perimeter, a second staircase leads to the room containing the item's chest.

General information[]

Giving the Very Large Ember to Andre of Astora gives him the ability to ascend a standard weapon from +10 to +11, allowing for further standard weapon reinforcement from +11 to +15 (the highest it can go).


  • Taking the Very Large Ember to Rickert of Vinheim will cause him to comment on it, suggesting that the player take it to Andre of Astora.
  • Taking it to Vamos or the Giant Blacksmith will cause them to comment that they don't use this ember.
  • There is a very rare bug as of ver. 1.03 where the player upon entering the area where the chest is located during a NG+ run will discover that the chest has already been opened thus making it impossible for the player to give the ember to Andre of Astora, essentially barring the player from upgrading their weapons from 11+ to 15+.



How to find Very Large Ember