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For the Dark Souls III character, see Velka, the Goddess of Sin.

Velka, Goddess of Sin is a mentioned character in Dark Souls.


Described as a black-haired witch and rogue deity, Velka is said to have a great range of influence even as gods are concerned. As the Goddess of Sin, it is Velka's job to define sin and mete out the punishment, though she offers absolution by means of her Pardoners. Items and miracles associated with Velka include: Velka's RapierVelka's Talisman, the Black SetKarmic JusticeVow of SilenceBook of the Guilty, the Judgment Set and the Clutch Rings.

Unusually, Velka's Talisman is made from a tuft of her hair. The Ring of Sacrifice is also created from a rite dedicated to Velka.

The crow is also a symbol of Velka and many can be seen in the Painted World, where several items and spells related to her can be found. This suggests that Velka has a strong connection to the occult. This is corroborated by Velka's Rapier also being imbued with Occult power.


  • Cut content reveals that there was a covenant devoted to Velka which was tasked with hunting down Blades of the Darkmoon. Because of this, it is implied that Velka and Gwyndolin were enemies.
  • Because of the description and function of Velka's Talisman, as well as the nature of Karmic Justice's magic adjust, it can be inferred that Velka favored Intelligence over Faith.
  • The word 'Velka' means 'debt' in Finnish.