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Varangian Cuffs
Physical Defense 18 Poise 0
Strike Defense 19 Poison Resist 7
Slash Defense 17 Bleed Resist 6
Thrust Defense 17 Petrify Resist 0
Magic Defense 6 Curse Resist 0
Fire Defense 4
Lightning Defense 7 Durability 55
Dark Defense 6 Weight 1.8
Required & Bonus Attributes
Required Strength Required Dexterity Required Intelligence Required Faith Physical Defense Bonus
Type Hands Armor

The Varangian Cuffs are a hands armor piece in Dark Souls II.
They are part of the Varangian Set.

In-Game Description

Cuffs worn by Varangians that terrorized nearby seas.
The coastline stretches far in northern Drangleic.
Beyond this northern sea is an unexplored continent, said to be the home of things inhuman.


Drops from the Varangian Sailors in No-man's Wharf.