Mobius 1 IUN

aka Mobius 1/Enterprise

  • I live in Usean Continent
  • My occupation is flight
  • I am look man i dont even know at this point

I occasionally check pages to this day here and there. almost all of my edits are minor. You can just call me a janitor of some sort. If you ever need to contact me, send me a dm on discord.

  • Don't ask how i got this gif pfp.

Information Edit

A little knowledge about me:

  • easily parried
  • fluffy
  • purry kong
  • a car nerd
  • doesn't used ranged weapons very often
  • hates curved swords/weapons with a lot of stunlock
  • moderately experienced in wiki editing
  • no self esteem
  • tfw getting into roblox
  • tfw laptop broke so still can't check discord
  • tfw pointless edit
  • tfw signing in to fix something on a wiki makes it show on favorite wikis
  • tfw kinda wanna keep it there
    Soul of Cinder
  • guys what do

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My favorite weaponEdit

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Favorite WaifusEdit

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