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The Untended Graves (Japanese: 無縁墓地, Hepburn: Muenbochi, lit. 'Cemetery of the Orphans') is an optional location in Dark Souls III. It is accessed through an illusory wall in the chambers beyond Oceiros, the Consumed King.

Adjacent locations[]


The Untended Graves is both the Cemetery of Ash and Firelink Shrine, except that here, both areas are shrouded in darkness and only the Shrine Handmaid remains.


This location is sealed away from the eye of everyone, hidden in secret within the deepest parts of Lothric's castle: it shows a time, in the past of Lothric, when the Fire almost faded completely, and with the light become almost none the time has stagnated to the point where past, present and future co-exist. That is the reason why Gundyr is not yet "Iudex", "judge of the ash": Gundyr was a champion who "came too late" and was "greeted by a shrine without fire, and a bell that would not toll.".[1] He was bested by an unknown warrior and became the sheath of a Coiled Sword, in the hopes that someday, the first flame would be linked once more.[2]

The Queen of Lothric is said to have enshrined the Ashen Estus Ring in the "Cemetery of Untended Graves," so that it one day could benefit an Unkindled.[3] There is also a grave, "a dark place where rootless warriors rest, that sees no visitors." The Queen alone wished these warriors good fortune.[4]

The Shrine Handmaid found in Firelink Shrine cannot be killed, which she attributes to her undeath, being "bound forever by the Shrine's curse." However, her counterpart in the Untended Graves can be permanently killed, suggesting that she is not cursed in the Untended Graves. If she is first spoken to in the Untended Graves, then introduced in Firelink Shrine afterwards, the Handmaid will greet the Ashen One by saying "Oh thou'rt..." which suggests that she recognizes them.[5]

The Eyes of a Fire Keeper are found in the flameless shrine of the Untended Graves, behind an illusory wall, on a corpse covered in cloth. The Shrine Handmaid in the Untended Graves mentions a captive, poor girl, possibly referring to the corpse.[5] When Ludleth of Courland talks about the eyes, he mentions that the Ashen One found "her" and the "black eyes that shimmer within." He also mentions that "we did all we could to spare her from them," implying that the corpse belongs to the first Fire Keeper, and that Ludleth knew her.[6] It is possible, then, that Ludleth was the Lord who linked the Fire in that time, preventing the imminent fading of the Flame to occur and becoming a Lord of Cinder.


Main article: Cemetery of Ash (bonfires)

The Untended Graves are a subsection of the Cemetery of Ash and comprises the following bonfires:









* If the player has not picked up the ring in Firelink Shrine.


  • Messages left in the Untended Graves can be found in the same location in the Firelink Shrine, and vice versa. Bloodstains can also be recovered in either area.
  • If Yoel of Londor is dead, his body remains in Firelink Shrine, but his ashes can be be found in the Untended Graves, if they have not been picked up already.



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