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Undead Supplicants, also known as Hollow Crawlers, are enemies in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

Members of the Prowling Magus' Congregation, these withered Undead have fallen completely under their master's control. Retaining no will of their own, they now serve the Magus with blind dedication.[1]


Undead supplicants are hollows completely deprived from their own will by their masters and with bodies so weakened they must resort to crawl slowly through the floor in order to move. Due to that fact, they are difficult to attack with horizontal swings.


Three are part of the Prowling Magus and Congregation boss fight.

Three dwell beyond the door found above the Rise of the Dead bonfire in Shrine of Amana (the player must be hollowed in order to open this door).

In Scholar of the First Sin, they can be found crawling in the two poisonous pits of Harvest Valley.


Despite being difficult to hit, they pose little threat on their own. Most of the threat comes from the other enemies accompanying them (namely the Hollow Priests). Using a weapon that strikes diagonally or vertically will usually hit them.


  • Body Slam: The supplicant proceeds to raise itself off the ground and fall on the player.


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