Undead Steelworkers are enemies in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

These brutish characters may have once worked for the Iron King in the construction of the many weapons and armors that he required, but now they are as Hollowed as the Laborers who slave away in the mines. There is a difference, however: Strength. The Steelworkers have huge hammers whereas the common laborers merely flail about with their arms.[1]



These former servants of the Iron King were responsible for forging the many weapons and armors for his armies. However, like the prisoners that toiled in the mines, they too succumbed to the undead curse and went Hollow.


These enemies have very low poise and can easily be staggered. If the player uses light weapons, the Stone Ring can help. Their attacks are very slow and easy to dodge, leaving them vulnerable to backstabs. However, their hammer smashes can inflict heavy damage and can slow down the player on impact, these can be very dangerous if cornered or if traversing a narrow ledge.

They are very susceptible to Poison, and are usually found in areas where several poison-filled urns are found. They will break these simply by running into them, soaking themselves in the noxious liquid. The player can lead them in breaking as many urns as possible to clear the way.


Item Titanite Shard
Titanite Shard
Old Mundane Stone
Old Mundane Stone
Small Smooth & Silky Stone
Small Smooth & Silky Stone
Drop Rate 20% ??? ???



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