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For the Dark Souls version, see Patches.
For the Dark Souls II version, see Mild-Mannered Pate.
"I'm Patches. Unbreakable Patches.
You seem to be Unkindled.
Do you have business with me?"
— Patches

Unbreakable Patches is a character and merchant in Dark Souls III.

He is voiced by Will Vanderpuye, who also voiced Patches in Dark Souls, Patches the Hyena in Demon's Souls and Patches the Spider in Bloodborne.


As in previous Souls games, Patches will try to trick the player into dying, in the aim of looting their bodies afterward.

When found in the Cathedral of the Deep, Patches will be standing next to a bridge disguised as Siegward of Catarina. Going halfway between, Patches will lower it in an attempt to have the giants kill the player. If they have already killed both giants, he will scold them for doing so.

When the player makes their way back, they will find that the bridge is still lowered but Patches has moved to the other side. In order to get to him, they will have to make their way up to the rafters of the cathedral and drop down, this is the same path taken in order to reach Rosaria. Talking to Patches will have him act like he has never met the player. Reminding him that it was himself who lowered the bridge, will get the player the "Prostration" gesture and a Rusted Coin. After this, Patches will become a merchant.

If the player now walks up the tower in Firelink Shrine, walks across the bridge to the tower with the bodies of the past fire keepers and rides up the lift, Patches will close the gate out. Walking up to the gate will cause Patches to taunt the player. The only way out is to reach the bottom of the tower by dropping down onto the coffins that stick out of the wall. Upon getting back to the other side of the gate, the player can open it again but Patches will be gone. He can be found by walking back into the shrine and turning right. If the player refuses to forgive him, he will reward them with a Rusted Gold Coin and will now act as a merchant.

Upon reloading the area, talking to Patches will reward the player the "Patches squat" gesture.



Item Winged Spear (DSIII)
Winged Spear
Catarina Helm (DSIII)
Catarina Helm
Catarina Armor (DSIII)
Catarina Armor
Catarina Gauntlets (DSIII)
Catarina Gauntlets
Drop Rate Guaranteed Guaranteed
(Siegward's questline)
(Siegward's questline)
(Siegward's questline)
Item Catarina Leggings (DSIII)
Catarina Leggings
Horsehoof Ring
Horsehoof Ring
Drop Rate Guaranteed
(Siegward's questline)


  • "Unbreakable Patches" is a reference to his survival throughout every Souls game directed by Miyazaki.



Dark Souls III First Flame (8) - Rosaria's Bedchamber & Patches' Questline

Dark Souls III First Flame (8) - Rosaria's Bedchamber & Patches' Questline


  1. Only if certain criteria has been met.
  2. 2.0 2.1 If Siegward has not been rescued from the well in the Cathedral of the Deep.
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