For the Dark Souls II variant, see Twin Dragon Greatshield.

The Twin Dragon Greatshield is a greatshield in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

The lightest of all greatshields, made from wood and decorated with a two-headed dragon.
Greatshields are the largest type of shield, and offer both high stability and damage absorption, making it easy to deflect enemy attacks.
Skill: Shield Bash
Without lowering your guard, strike the enemy with the shield to knock them back or stagger them. Works while equipped in either hand.


Found in the Road of Sacrifices, on a corpse near to the Halfway Fortress bonfire.


The Twin Dragon Greatshield is lightweight and has a very low Strength requirement to wield, making it a very useful greatshield for players who put little investment into Strength. It is also the earliest available greatshield that can be obtained without farming enemies.

Like its predecessor from Dark Souls II and the Eagle Shield from Dark Souls, it lacks 100% physical damage absorption, meaning that the player will still take some damage from any attacks that it blocks. However, unlike either of its antecedents its physical damage reduction is even weaker, though it makes up for this by having better all-around elemental defense.

The shield's shortcomings can be overcome if it is buffed with Magic Shield, making it a useful greatshield for sorcerers.


Reinforced with Titanite.

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