Trap Road

Traps are a gameplay element that can be encountered throughout the Dark Souls series.

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Traps can be triggered by the player and are usually in the form of large, heavy, objects that can be dodged. By carefully leading enemies, traps can often be used to the advantage of the player.


Traps are not encountered very frequently throughout the World of Dark Souls, but most notably in Sen's Fortress.

Northern Undead Asylum

  • Up the stairs from the asylum's courtyard, a Hollow pushes a large metal ball down the stairs when the player attempts to ascend. The ball breaks the wall leading to Oscar.

Undead Burg

  • A Hollow Warrior kicks a flaming barrel down the stairs leading to a tower within the outer fortified wall, dealing Fire Damage.

The Catacombs

  • Whilst walking through The Catacombs, the player will encounter spike traps. These spike traps will activate if the player steps too close to a statue with a Mask of the Mother engraved upon it. Spikes will shoot out of the statue and deal a small to moderate amount of damage.

Sen's Fortress

  • Just within the threshold of the fortress lies an elevated panel, and once stepped on triggers three darts shot in short, successive intervals, and inflict Thrust damage.
  • There are numerous swinging blades along the narrow pathways throughout the area.
  • Several other floor traps similar to the one encountered in the entrance are encountered throughout.
  • Giant iron balls are launched in steady intervals and their paths can be altered by entering certain rooms, and later by direct manipulation by the player. One such path breaks a wall that leads to Big Hat Logan.

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