Transcendent Edde is a white phantom NPC available for summoning. He is only available in the Crown of the Sunken King DLC.


Edde is available as ally to fight Sinh, the Slumbering Dragon. He wears a full Black Dragon Set, suggesting he is a member of the Dragon Remnants, or at least was at one point.

He is a generally helpful summon for the boss fight, as he has an impressively large health pool allowing him to tank, and can deal respectable damage with his Black Dragon Greatsword. He will also drink Estus when injured enough.

Upon being summoned, he will perform the "Bow" gesture to the player. He will also do it once Sinh has been defeated, provided he survived the battle.


His sign will be in plain sight in the bonfire room after defeating Elana, the Squalid Queen. Abbess Feeva will be across from his as well, although they are not related in any way.

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