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The Token of Fidelity is an online play item in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

Token recognizing that the owner has travelled worlds to help others.
When in other worlds, it can be also used to restore the master of the world's HP, but this is only a secondary effect of the item. Simply carrying these tokens shows the depth of the holder's fidelity.

General information[]

Tokens of Fidelity are awarded for helping to defeat a boss in another player's world as a white phantom, or to Blue Sentinels members when they successfully assist a Blue Apostle in distress. One is required to gain Blue Sentinel Targray's approval to join the Blue Sentinels covenant

Offline players can find a Token of Fidelity along with a Pharros' Lockstone in Huntsman's Copse, on a broken pillar that can either be accessed from the ladder near the Bridge Approach bonfire using a running jump, or dropping down from the wooden bridge leading to Undead Purgatory. There are also three red phantom enemies outside the Cathedral of Blue in NG+ that each drop a Token of Fidelity. Burning a Bonfire Ascetic will cause them to respawn.

If the player is a member of the Blue Sentinels or Way of Blue covenants, they may trade a Token of Fidelity for a PvP sparring match in the Cathedral of Blue, near The Blue Cathedral bonfire.


  • Can be used to heal the host helping them through some tough situations.