For the Dark Souls variant, see Titanite Slab.
For the Dark Souls II variant, see Titanite Slab (Dark Souls II).

Titanite Slabs are upgrade materials in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

Titanite slab for weapon reinforcement, said to once belong to the gods.
Reinforces weapons to their highest level.
Titanite slabs are smithing materials of the gods, and weapons reinforced with slabs will be admired no less than their precious legendary weapons.


Unlike in previous games, Titanite Slabs serve as the final component to upgrade all weapons to their maximum level. This applies to normal weapons, unique weapons as well as soul-transposed weapons. It is required to upgrade a normal weapon from +9 to +10, and a unique or soul-transposed weapon from +4 to +5.


The number of Titanite Slabs that can be obtained in a single playthrough are limited. 8 can be found in the base game, 3 can be found in Ashes of Ariandel for a total of 11, and 4 can be found in The Ringed City for a maximum of 15.

Base GameEdit

Slab No. Directions
Profaned Capital

Gifted by Siegward of Catarina after rescuing him from his cell. The Old Cell Key is required to unlock the door.

Grand Archives

On the third floor, below the balcony where the Crystal Sage teleports to after engaging him at the beginning of the level and next to a wax pool, there is a lever located between two bookshelves facing the center of the Archives towards the first wax pool. Activating the lever will move a bookshelf in that area. Returning to the first wax pool and exploring the newly opened path will reveal a chest containing the Slab.


Reward for defeating the three Gertrude's Knights at the very top of the Archives.

Lothric Castle

After unlocking the final elevator shortcut of the Grand Archives (at the end of the bridge) which leads back down to Lothric Castle, send the elevator up while standing at the bottom. The elevator will reveal itself to be a tandem elevator, boarding the bottom carriage and going down will lead to a corpse holding the Slab.

Firelink Shrine

Sold by the Shrine Handmaid for 30,000 souls once all four Cinders of a Lord have been placed on their respective thrones.


Trade the Coiled Sword Fragment with Pickle Pee (only once per playthrough).

Archdragon Peak

Found on the top of the Great Belfry, next to a dead wyvern and guarded by Havel the Rock.

8 Found on a corpse in the main courtyard after defeating the Nameless King.

Ashes of AriandelEdit

Slab No. Directions

From the Depths of the Painting bonfire, turn left on the riverbed and proceed past the three Frost Crabs. Past the Birch Women in the riverbed is a unique one guarding the Snap Freeze Sorcery. Defeating her will cause a ladder to materialize on the riverbank. Climb up to the top to claim a Slab from a corpse.


Reward for defeating Father Ariandel and Friede.

3 Gifted by the Forlorn Corvian Settler in the Corvian Settlement, after granting his wish to bring fire to the painted world by defeating Blackflame Friede. If the player has killed him, the Slab can be found at his initial meeting place.

The Ringed CityEdit

Slab No. Directions
The Dreg Heap

Within the poison swamp of Earthen Peak Ruins guarded by the third Angel, there is a cave on the opposite side with several Poisonhorn Bugs and two Harald Legion Knights, one patrolling the cave and the second guarding the Slab in a corridor at the back. If the player reloads the area several times without retrieving it (either due to leaving or dying and respawning), Amnesiac Lapp will kill the second Harald Legion Knight and gift it to the player at the bonfire.

The Ringed City

Reward for defeating Halflight, Spear of the Church for the first time.


Gifted by Shira, Knight of Filianore after fulfilling her request of defeating Darkeater Midir. If the player has woken Filianore without obtaining this Slab, it will be dropped by Shira at Pygmy's Throne once she is defeated.

4 Reward for defeating the paired greatsword-wielding Ringed Knight at Pygmy's Throne.
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