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Titanite Demons are minibosses in Dark Souls.


  • Undead Parish — A Titanite Demon can be found in the undercroft of the old Undead Church, towards Darkroot Garden and past Andre of Astora.
  • The Catacombs — A Titanite Demon can be found after the second bonfire, at the end of a large hall of coffins. It lies near the coffin that leads to the Gravelord Servant Covenant.
  • Sen's Fortress — Four Titanite Demons can be found at the bottom of the Fortress, on the tar-covered floor.
  • Anor Londo — A Titanite Demon can be found on the floor above the bonfire where Solaire rests, across from the room with Drake trophy heads.
  • Lost Izalith — A Titanite Demon can be found on the bridge connecting the shortcut from the Demon Ruins to Lost Izalith. This particular demon is much stronger than the others. It is also the only one that respawns, making Lost Izalith the only place where Demon Titanite can be farmed. Unlike most respawning enemies, the Demon does not respawn after resting at a bonfire; the area must be reloaded, done by actions like warping with the Lordvessel or quitting and reloading.


Titanite Demons wield Titanite Catch Poles, enchanted weapons with residual power that possibly originates from Titanite Slabs. The demons are large, muscular creatures with bodies made from Demon Titanite. They have two crescent-shaped horns growing out of their faceless skulls. Most appear to be missing a leg and consequently drag themselves across the ground to move.


Titanite Demons first arose from several Titanite Slabs after the death of the Nameless Blacksmith Deity,[1] a legendary individual who forged the weapons of their fellow Gods.[2] The power of Titanite was imbued within the demons and their bodies held a special variant known as Demon Titanite. They roamed the land of Lordran.[1]


  • Titanite Demons seem to be weak to Lightning, even though they wield it.
  • Ranged attacks work so long as the player takes cover behind indestructible debris or walls between shots. The Lost Izalith demon has no cover nearby, but it is possible to strafe between attacks since the lightning bolts do not track the player. Ranged attacks with long windup/cooldown between movement may not work, such as the Longbow.
  • The Lost Izalith demon can be sniped from the Demon Ruins side of the bridge by using a Greatbow and the Hawk Ring to stay out of the range of its attention. Aiming for the tip of its tail results in the greatest amount of damage, as well as staggering it occasionally. In the event that the player accidentally gets too close when firing, they can run for cover behind the walls on either side of the bridge and wait for the demon to lose interest.
  • In the Undead Parish, the player can lure the Titanite Demon to the top of the lower stairs and render their horizontal sweeps harmless. However, it will still be able to hit the player with other attacks.
  • In Sen's Fortress, the Rusted Iron Ring is highly recommended as the tarred ground greatly slows the player's movement. In addition, it is possible to drop onto some of the demons while performing a plunging attack.
  • In Anor Londo, the player can quickly run in and out of the Titanite Demon's room, provoking the demon to approach the door. The player can then freely take out the demon with ranged attacks from outside the room.
  • A somewhat reliable melee approach is to position oneself behind its left arm, where it appears to be missing a leg. Its close-range attacks will miss, letting the player hit once or twice. Its tail can still inflict minor damage, as it swings along with its weapon. However, the demon will perform a jump attack if the player remains in this spot, or behind it, for too long.
  • Alternatively, staying under its left arm will cause most of its attacks to swing harmlessly overhead if the player is far right enough or low enough during their attack animations. This does not trigger its jump attack. Its second combo attack can be more easily avoided if the player moves to its center by the leg, but then, the third pole jab in its attack pattern needs the player to move back near its arm to avoid damage. 
  • The pole-grab can be dodged by moving behind its right leg or left arm, allowing a counterattack.


  • The Titanite Demon's jump attack can hit multiple times if it lands on the player, striking with both its weapon and its body. On NG+, this can deal over 1,200 damage through a full set of heavy armor.

Enemy information[]

Health and souls[]

Location Health Souls
Undead Parish 1,506 3,765 2,000 10,000
The Catacombs 2,133 4,331 2,000 4,000
Sen's Fortress 1,506 & 2,510 3,765 & 4,593 2,000 & 3,000 10,000 & 9,000
Anor Londo 2,635 4,612 5,000 15,000
Lost Izalith 3,137 4,926 5,000 10,000


Respawn Yes & No
Backstab No
Damage Types Regular / Lightning
Abilities Lightning projectile. Has a powerful Grab attack.


Attack Damage Attack Type Status Effect Parryable Tracking Attack Speed
Close Combo* 338 Regular None No Both Slow
Long Pole Combo* 350 Regular None No Both Slow
Jump 338 Regular None No Both Fast
Lightning 290 Lightning None No Neither Slow
Catch and Bash 409 Regular None No Neither Slow

*Interruptible three-hit combo


Location Physical Defenses Elemental Defenses Resistances
Regular Defense Strike Defense Slash Defense Thrust Defense Magic Defense Fire Defense Lightning Defense Poison Toxic Bleed
Undead Parish 213 213 213 213 152 152 135 S S S
The Catacombs 391 391 391 391 280 280 247 S S S
Sen's Fortress 413 413 413 413 295 295 261 S S S
Anor Londo 379 379 474 379 334 313 334 S S S
Lost Izalith 504 504 504 504 360 360 318 S S S

These stats are sourced from FuturePress's Official Dark Souls Strategy Guide.


Item Item Demon Titanite.png
Demon Titanite
Wpn Titanite Catch Pole.png
Titanite Catch Pole
Drop Rate Guaranteed

(x2 from Lost Izalith & Anor Londo)



  • The Demon Titanite that Titanite Demons drop resemble their faces.
  • The Titanite Demon is neither blind nor deaf, and still attacks even with the Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring.
  • The Demon in Lost Izalith only respawns when the world is reset.



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