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The Tin Crystallization Catalyst is a catalyst in Dark Souls.

In-Game Description

Catalyst imbued in terrifying crystal magic. Used by Logan after his fixation on Seath.
Makes all sorceries incredibly powerful, but demands extremely high intelligence from its wielder, and halves sorcery usages.


Drops from Big Hat Logan after he loses his sanity in The Duke's Archives.


The Tin Crystallization Catalyst has easily the best potential magic adjustment stat in the game, the second highest belonging to Logan's Catalyst. On the other hand, it reduces the amount of casts the player has by half* and has the highest Intelligence requirement.

While holding the Tin Crystallization Catalyst in one hand and a different catalyst in another, for example the Sorcerer's Catalyst, casting with this catalyst will still cause two charges of the spell to be used but the damage will be that of the Sorcerer's Catalyst. As a matter of fact, the Tin Crystallization Catalyst will reduce the cast of all spells when held, including Pyromancies and Miracles.

The Tin Crystallization Catalyst also reduces the number of casts of utility spells such as Chameleon, but does not enhance their effects.

*From a technical point of view, the Tin Crystallization Catalyst actually doubles spell consumption, while displaying how many casts you could potentially get. Merely equipping it does not reduce the actual amount of spell uses the player has at his disposal. This can make a difference for spells with odd amounts of use, like the Crystal Magic Weapon: Players can cast it once with the Tin Crystallization Catalyst, and then use the last spell with a normal catalyst. Furthermore, players can swap in or out the Tin Crystallization Catalyst to use a particular spell, depending on how much power they require for a specific cast, or for a specific spell.


  • The Tin Crystallization Catalyst can be repaired.

Magic Adjust[]

The Tin Crystallization Catalyst starts at a Magic Adjust of 254 at 32 intelligence. From there, it has medium scaling, of about 2-3 Magic Adjust per intelligence point. At 50 intelligence, it will hit a soft cap, and provide just ~0.4 Magic Adjust per intelligence.

Intelligence Magic Adjust
32 254
35 261
40 272
45 282
50 293
51 293
99 315