The Throne of Want is a location in Dark Souls II.

Creation[edit | edit source]

Drangleic was made when King Vendrick and Lord Aldia used the four great souls. The souls made a secret room called the Throne of Want. Vendrick was unaware of this room, but another wasn't. A woman called Nashandra came to Drangleic, and with her immense beauty seduced Vendrick and was made his queen. Nashandra was one of many fragments of Manus, Father of the Abyss and the first to make a physical form. She told Vendrick that the Giants had something dear to her, so Vendrick foolishly sailed overseas to get it for her. This marked the beginning of the Giant Wars. After the wars, Vendrick came back with Giant prisoners, which he experimented on because he believed that the soul was the answer to curing the curse. As a result, the golems were created.

After years, Vendrick discovered Nashandra's plan: to use the throne to make an era of darkness and become the lord of darkness. Vendrick reacted quickly and sent two warriors to the throne (the Throne Watcher and the Throne Defender). He then fled in shame to the Undead Crypt, where he was guarded by Velstadt, who stayed loyal to him. Vendrick eventually went hollow and stayed in that room. He did all this in an attempt to stop Nashandra.

Description[edit | edit source]

The true throne of Drangleic, hidden away deep beneath Drangleic Castle in a great cavern accessible only to those with the symbol of the King. A long, jagged pathway extending down from the final gate in the depths of the castle leads to a kiln guarded by the last of Vendrick's guardians, the Throne Watcher and Defender. These warriors serve as the last bulwark against Nashandra gaining the power of the First Flame and, by extension, the power to truly rule Drangleic.

The actual throne takes the form of a great stone slab carved into the form of a throne, surrounded by a dome of ash-covered stone, across a gap filled with Golems that aid the true monarch to their rightful place.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The Throne of Want is the final location in Dark Souls II, where the Throne Watcher and Defender and Nashandra await the player. However, if the player has answered "yes" to his questions and killed Vendrick before Nashandra, Lord Aldia will also appear as an optional boss.

The area can only be accessed through use of the King's Ring.

Bosses[edit | edit source]

Phantoms[edit | edit source]

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