• Could you please delete Grave Warden (Dark Souls III)? I went and moved it to Gravetender Hollow, but I can't move Cathedral Grave Warden into its place without deleting the existing redirect first. Thanks.

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    • I will comply because so far you've shown a lot of enthusiasm and diligence in editing, and honest regard toward the series. However, I feel I must also mention that taking the initiative on your own and start changing a wiki's pages' names without permission just to accommodate one's personal needs is a very delicate thing to do.

      You should also take into consideration that even if these names are not the most appealing, whether we like it or not, they come from the only official source available. In addition, people who come to the wiki looking for our version of an enemy or item may get confused and probably not find it because the names we use are not consistent with the rest of the sites, FAQs, videos, other wikis, etc. they also appear in.

      The next time you want to move a page, please take a moment to enter our official Discord server first and discuss it with the rest of our staff members and users in order to reach a consensus that satisfies most of the community.

      Like I mentioned, I will make the change because it literally takes me just a few seconds to do so, but you will have to update all the redirects leftovers on your own. However, you could also have done this yourself just by taking all the code from the Cathedral Grave Warden page and replacing it with the code on the Grave Warden (Dark Souls III) current redirect.

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    • Yeah, to be honest I thought I was being too insistent on these changes as well. I'm more used to communicating through talk pages for this type of thing, since that's how we do things on another wiki that I contribute to (also as a matter of transparency and ease of accessibility by other users), so when nobody was responding to my posts I mistook it for lack of interest/disagreement. I've also never used Discord ever before, and I'm loathe to install a new program for each new group of people that I might want to communicate with (the only other one I use regularly is IRC).

      In the future I'll be sure to stick to more straightforward edits like adding missing data or fixing factually incorrect information. I know what it's like to have a loose cannon running amok on a wiki making changes that others may not necessarily agree with, so I'll try not to be that guy here.

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    • There's also a browser version of Discord and the registration takes just a few seconds. I used it for a couple of months and it works very well. In addition, I've seen many sites and wikis out there that now are using Discord, so it would be a wise idea giving it at least a try.

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