• On the Dark Souls III Miracle page the dlc miracles (Lightning Arrow, Way of White Corona and Projected Heal) were not listed. I intended to add them there, but I read in the comments that the reason they were not listed was because dlc Miracles were to be separate. However, on both the Sorcery and Pyromancy pages the dlc spells were included. I would suggest for the sake of being continous, either the dlc miracles should be added to the Miracles page, or the dlc sorceries and pyromancies should be removed from their pages. And I believe that the most logical thing would be to add the dlc miracles to the Miracle page, due to the fact that in both DkS1 and DkS2 dlc magic were added to the earlier pages.

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    • Those miracles should be listed there, as that is what we have always done for DLC items and spells. I would assume that they were simply forgotten about when the spell type pages were being updated.

      Thanks for finding that!

      EDIT: I've since added the missing miracles to the page.

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    • How wonderful! And no problem, it was just something I found a bit annoying. Thank you very much for fixing it.

      Also, I found that in those additions you made, as well as in the lists for pyromancy and sorcery in DkS3 and sorcery in DkS1 a link to the dlc in the affected magics were in a parenthesis below the names of the spells, however that was lacking on the magic pages for DkS2. I took the liberty of adding those links to the related spells, I hope that was ok.

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    • Yes, that was perfectly fine! I forgot to add those yesterday, so thanks for doing that! :)

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