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    15:47, March 17, 2017

    Hello Wikians. Mats here with a double nomination.

    First off, we have Mrplant123 who has been nominated by Ohg for the position of Discussions Moderator. He has shown to be level-headed, willing to handle incidents in the chat and on the Discussions board as well as being a polite user all around.

    Next off, there's ShadowBeast109, known more commonly as Red, who I have personally nominated for the position of Administrator. Red has been around for a long time, and has shown his ability to moderate chats and wikis before. He's also calm and doesn't easily get riled up.

    Here's where you guys come in. As always, please share your opinions on why you chose to vote the way you did.

    Should Mrplant123 be promoted to Discussions Moderator?
    Yes - 36
    No - 3

    Should ShadowBeast109 be promoted to Administrator?
    Yes - 40
    No - 2

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    • Voted yes on both for the reasons stated above.

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    • Voted yes to both for the same reasons as Mats.

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    • Voted yes, for MrPlant. He gets along well with the community and I think he'd be a good addition. Also what Mats said.

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    • As a very active member of the community *cough cough* i voted yes for the reason that matsie~kins stated, the only thing i  am "worried" about is the fact that Shadowbeast109 a.k.a red, already manage his own wikia, which would be that more time consuming, but if he accept the role, nothing to be said about it

      To all the newbies in the community that don't know who i am, don't worry, just take me seriously, i have a serious edgy anime avatar 

      ~Nyah, Higurashi Kanade Kotori~

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    • Ah, I'll throw my vote in there, why not?

      Mr. Plant seems like a fine person from the few interactions I've had with him, and I think he'd do a good job managing the discussions (which I know 0 about). Calm demeanor is the most important aspect when it comes to a position like that as far as I'm concerned.

      Red has contributed pretty heavily to the community as a whole, which is a key attribute of being a Sysop. I'm totally in favor of him becoming a Sysop, as I know the responsibilities the job entails and feel Red would do a fine job at executing them.

      Best of luck to both of you.

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    • I voted no ( ° ͜ʖ °)

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    • I voted yes for Red, he has been a helpful mod from the time I met him and he edits pages a good amount, also for those other reasons.

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    • I voted yes for MrPlant for all the reasons said above. I feel he'd make a great addition to the team.

      As for Red I voted yes because he seems to have plenty of experience in coding and java script from what I've seen of him on the Bloodborne wiki, and I feel he could do a great deal of good here as well. 

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    • Voted yes not because they should be, but because there isn't going to be any harm from this.

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    • Voted yes for both, for the reasons mentioned in the nominations.

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    • Both

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    • Voted yes because I can

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    • If nothing important comes up, this poll will be closed in about 24 hours.

      At the current results, MrPlant123 will be promoted to Discussions Moderator and ShadowBeast109 will be promoted to Administrator.

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    • Voting is now closed. Results were:

      • 36 votes for and 3 against the promotion of Mrplant123
      • 40 votes for and 2 against the promotion of ShadowBeast109

      As such:

      • Mrplant123 will be promoted to Discussions Moderator
      • ShadowBeast109 will be promoted to Administrator
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