• Whenever I try to fast travel, all the areas I haven't discovered yet show up in their intended positions (instead of not showing at all as I haven't been there yet) but as a black blurry image and "???" as their name! For example, Aldia's Keep shows up as a dark blur and "???" in it's intended position but I haven't been there yet. Also, bonfires in locations I've already been but haven't lit yet, like "Under Castle Drangleic" in Drangleic Castle, do the same thing.

    I was in the first bonfire in Drangleic Castle, and up until that point everything was normal. I found 2 Sunbros signs and summoned them, then we made our way onwards. I go and light the "Forgotten Chamber" bonfire, we get invaded by the NPC red phantom, and one of the Sunbros dies. I talk to Nashandra to exaust her dialogue. Then me and the other Sunbro fight the 2 Dragonriders and beat them.

    I see Benhart, trying to complete his storyline, as I defeated the Prowling Magus boss with his help, talk to him to excaust his dialogue, and then rest at the bonfire. It was at that moment that the glitch occured, and when the bonfire mist thinned, Benhart had vanished.

    There, I tried to explain all the steps I did to maybe shed some light as to why this would happen. Will I lose my data? Is this intended? This never happened in NG. Oh, I'm in NG+ if it matters. I tried quiting and restarting the game, but nothing happened and this persists. I have the SoTFS for PS3. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    • I think opening the Shrine of Winter gives you the complete list of bonfires. It's completely intentonal.

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    • Is it really? I don't remember this happening at all in the first playthrough. Thanks a bunch man.

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    • its actually talking to the queen in the castle. cant remember her name off hand, but talking to her makes the full fire list show up, unless its different on sotfs

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    • A FANDOM user
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