• Abyss Watchers of Lamina Yeah it's yet another community covenant, but I'm hoping you can find some intrigue in this one.First I'll lay down the requirements and restrictions, then talk about why I think this is a good idea REQUIREMENTS: Character name must be set to "Abyss Watcher" Soul Level can be anywhere in the range of 13-48 (for matchmaking in Road of Sacrifices)  Must use the Undead Legion Armor Set, Farron Greatsword, and Untrue Dark Ring (to not appear as a phantom) You can play on any system you like  Here's what you'll be doing: You can choose to either place a summon sign anywhere in the Road of Sacrifices (Halfway Fortress is best since it's the starting area, but anywhere you want works just fine) to help a host get through the area, or fall to the Abyss and invade anywhere in the Road of Sacrifices area. If enough people join this covenant, there will undoubtedly be Abyss Watchers fighting eachother.  So with that out of the way, here's why I wanted to do this: Imagine you're playing Dark Souls III for the first time. You just got the through an unsettling area with screaming bird men by yourself, as there was no summon signs anywhere. You enter the Halfway Fortress, and the first things you see are the Bonfire, and the ground covered in summoning signs. First you of course use the bonfire, then talk to Anri and Horace, then when you're ready to move on, you take a look at the summon signs. You see most of them all say "Abyss Watcher" and you remember the Abyss Watchers from the intro cutscene, so you summon two of them. They help you through the beginning area, showing off their unique fighting skills, when you see a message saying an Abyss Watcher is invading your world, along with another. The four Abyss Watchers begin fighting eachother, giving you the impression that there's someething wrong with the ones that invaded you. With the help of more Abyss Watchers, you make it through the area, and approach the last building with one more Abyss Watcher. You can hear the clanging of metal from within, and you open the door just in time to see an Abyss Watcher kill another, then prepare to fight you. As you and your friendly Abyss Watcher are fighting, another rises from the ground and begins fighting you, but shortly after, another appears and begins fighting your enemies. This same thing has been happening the entire time you've been in the area, showing for sure that some Abyss Watchers go mad, while others stay sane.  Edgy. Basically the Road of Sacrifices area sucks, which is sad because the Abyss Watchers are such a cool and interesting part of Dark Souls III. So I wanted to integrate the Abyss Watcher's story throughout the entire area, to make it more interesting.  If you want to join the Abyss Watchers of Lamina, then click this link to join the Discord Server: be sure to read all the pinned messages in the top right (Look for the thumbtack button in the top right and click it, scroll to the bottom of the drop down menu that opens, the bottom message is the oldest, and the top message is the newest)The pinned messages include the requirements, reasons and explanations for certain things, suggestions for gameplay as an Abyss Watcher, as well as a simple melee focused Abyss Watcher build at level 48. If you're unfamiliar with Discord, it's basically a simple chat room maker. If you don't want to join the Discord, but you still want to join the Abyss Watchers of Lamina, just let me know. If enough people request, I can make a facebook group too. Imagine an interesting Road of Sacrifices that doesn't suck and isn't just a chore to get through, that's what I want to do. But I can't do it alone. Thank you for reading and I hope you atleast like my idea, consider joining.  -Abyss Walker Nero Lamina

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