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Thorolund (ソルロンド) is a mentioned location in Dark Souls.


The nobles of Thorolund were the high priests of the Way of White and were considered apostles of Allfather Lloyd[1]. When they were chosen, the god gifted them holy rings to increase their holy magic[1] and talismans infused with the divine power of Lloyd that allowed them an higher miracle adjustement that did not depended upon their faith[2]. The noble priests were also the guardians of laws and social classes as followers of the god of these domains[1].

Way of White priests in Thorolund wear distinct caps. While in Thorolund it shows their position within the hierarchy, in Lordran it has almost no meaning.[3] Those dissatisfied with church teachings must go on a spiritual journey,[4] this is likely why clerics from Thorolund are even found in Lordran. High-ranked clerics of Thorolund were granted with Thorolund Talisman whilst Ivory Talisman could be only given to female clerics.[5]

Cleric warriors of the Way of White who have proven their faith were gifted with Crescent Axes[6] and were known to be unyielding in combat[7].

At some point the Way of White created its first Undead paladin: Paladin Leeroy, gifting him a golden armor, Grant and Sanctus, two legendary weapons, and the blessing of a white flame to be effective against the Dark. The paladin was sent to Lordranin the first Undead mission of the Way of White[8]. Later there were further Undead missions, with the aim of seeking out Kindlings, the secret rite of feeding bonfires with Humanity[9]. One included Reah of Thorolund, last daughter of the royal house of Thorolund, accompanied by the two soldiers Vince of Thorolund and Nico of Thorolund[10].


  • A more accurate translation of "ソルロンド" would be "Sol Londo". Considering that Lloyd proclaimed himself "King of the Gods"[1] after Anor Londo was abandoned by almost all the other gods of Gwyn's clan[11], this could imply his desire to at least symbolically reconstitute a new divine kingdom in "Sol Londo".




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