"Guilt-ridden thief. High critical hits. Has Master Key."
— Character Creation

The Thief is a class in Dark Souls.

Thieves are one of the more difficult classes to start as, with low Vitality, Strength and Endurance stats that force them to use evasive maneuvers and deliver critical hits with their Bandit's Knife. Their equipment makes them rely on backstabs and parrying to defeat enemies, with their Target Shield giving a longer parry window.

Thieves come equipped with a Master Key, so they are able to open up basic locked doors. Ultimately, however, this does not matter as much as it seems, since most of the other starting gifts are not very useful. It may also do more harm than good for new players, causing them to become more easily lost.

Starting EquipmentEdit

Starting StatisticsEdit

Image Stat Name Value
- Level 5
Para vit large Vitality 9
Para attun large Attunement 11
Para endur large Endurance 9
Para str large Strength 9
Para dex large Dexterity 15
Para resist large Resistance 10
Para int large Intelligence 12
Para faith large Faith 11
Total Points at Level 1 86
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