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The Imperfect are enemies in Dark Souls II: Crown of the Sunken King.


The Imperfect are large, reptilian creatures that only appear in Dragon's Sanctum, near the Lair of the Imperfect bonfire. While they have no eyes, noses or ears, they have enormous, human-like mouths and teeth. They drop Petrified Dragon Bones, Dragon Scales, and Titanite Slabs which, paired with their reptilian appearance and energy spitting ability, hints that they are some kind of twisted draconic descendant. They seem to be constantly "bleeding" a black fluid from the top of their bodies, much as a toad excretes poison from their backs.


Despite their large size, the Imperfect are quite agile, capable of leaping enormous distances into the air and outrunning a player. They attack using both their mouths and legs, attempting to bite or skull-bash players in front of them, and stomp upon enemies near their legs. They have a grapple attack where they catch the player with their mouths and chew on them, dealing heavy damage. If their opponent tries to keep distance, they will spit an electric sphere with great accuracy and a moderate area of effect. They have large health pools and moderately damaging attacks, but have predictable patterns and are easy to draw away from other enemies.

They seem to have no significant defenses, allowing almost any weapon types or elements to deal consistent damage. Even though most of their attacks can be blocked, they can do significant stamina damage. If in melee range, the player must be ready to roll away if the Imperfect gets ready to stomp or jump, as both attacks will deal significant damage, and knock the player down.

Area of effect miracles like Heavenly Thunder and Splintering Lightning Spear are very effective against them. Note that during their stomp attack their defense is greatly increased so it is advised to save such spell uses for when they are vulnerable.


  • They are susceptible to being poisoned, though it requires almost double the poison level of most other enemies. At least seven poison arrows will poison them.
  • They are highly resistant to fire, while other elemental defenses (especially aganist lightning) are pretty low.
  • They are exceptional for farming both Titanite Slabs and Petrified Dragon Bones and are the only enemies in-game with a small loot pool to drop them, making the farming very consistent when using item discovery gear.


  • The Imperfect greatly resemble creatures from the film Vikingdom, where one is fought in a cold crystal like area which also resembles the area where the Imperfect are fought.
  • They also somewhat resemble the Bounding Demons of Izalith from the first Dark Souls.