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The Great Hollow

The Great Hollow (大樹のうつろ, "The Cavity of the Great Tree") is a location in Dark Souls.

Adjacent locations[]


The Great Hollow is in the center of a giant tree, the entrance of which is located in the poison swamp at the bottom of Blighttown. There are two illusory walls that lie along the way. At the very bottom of the tree is the entrance to Ash Lake.

The Great Hollow can be a dangerous place due the constant possibility of falling to one's death, getting Cursed by Basilisks, or failing to deal with the Mushroom Parents and Mushroom Children.


The Great Hollow is notable for the relatively large amount of Crystal Lizards, many of which spawn in close proximity to one another.


  • Utilizing the sorcery spell Fall Control can make obtaining all of the items in the area a bit easier.
  • It is possible to speed through to the bottom by making a series of short drops rather than circling around on the walkways.
  • Waiting until the Lordvessel is obtained can make the journey back up through the tree significantly easier.
  • Due to the Basilisks, the Cursebite Ring can help as they are a greater threat than in the depths.
  • The Antiquated Set, which can be obtained fairly early in the game, makes even The Great Hollow's Basilisks a much lesser threat.




Notable items[]


  • Cloranthy Ring (Found on a corpse inside a tree. From the bonfire, step onto the first branch and drop down into the tree in the middle. Be careful when dropping down as there is a hole that will instantly kill the player, should they fall all the way from the branch and into it.)

Upgrade materials[]



  • It is possible to see the exterior of The Great Hollow from Firelink Shrine.
  • It is very similar to the Archtrees featured in the opening cinematic and in Ash Lake.
  • Later down below there is a basilisk that commits suicide, resulting in gaining souls; however, this is an ineffective farming method.