For the Dark Souls II location, see Earthen Peak.

The Dreg Heap is a location in Dark Souls III: The Ringed City.


Found at the world's end, the Dreg Heap is the result of the close of the Age of Fire: with the world collapsing in on itself, ancient lands and ancient civilizations all find themselves converging into a single location. And beyond it all: The Ringed City.

Accessing the Dreg HeapEdit

There are two ways of accessing the Dreg Heap.

Should the player defeat the Twin Princes and place all four Cinders of a Lord upon their thrones at Firelink Shrine, the player will be able to access the Kiln of the First Flame. After proceeding to the Kiln from the Flameless Shrine, there will be a bonfire adjacent to the Kiln bonfire, with a tattered strip of Slave Knight Gael's cape affixed to the hilt. Accessing this bonfire will warp the player to the Dreg Heap.

Alternatively, if the player owns Ashes of Ariandel, they may defeat Sister Friede. Adjacent to the bonfire which appears after her defeat, a similar bonfire to the above will spawn at the back of the arena. This bonfire will also warp the player to the Dreg Heap.

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The Dreg HeapEdit

Earthen Peak RuinsEdit

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