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Sweet Shalquoir
"Oh... Undead, are we? And one without much time remaining. Just about ready to fall apart I'd say. Not exactly the time to be chatting with a cat!"
— Sweet Shalquoir

Sweet Shalquoir is a character and merchant in Dark Souls II. She's voiced by Hannah John-Kamen, who previously voiced Lord's Blade Ciaran in Dark Souls.


Sweet Shalquoir is a sentient cat that is able to speak the human tongue, similar to Alvina from Dark Souls. However, while Alvina's appearance was based on that of the Cheshire Cat, Shalquoir is based on a common domestic cat.

Shalquoir also seems to be fond of the player's scent, and she will comment on it every time she is visited. At a certain point in the story, when the player has accumulated a high number of souls, Shalquoir will claim that the player has a scent similar to Vendrick.


Found in a house in Majula, Sweet Shalquoir is a talking cat who acts similar to Oswald of Carim of Dark Souls in the way that she manages the player's covenants. Whilst talking to her, the player can view their current covenant rank and other covenant managing options.

After opening the Shrine of Winter, she will offer an unlimited stock of items instead of the initial ten of each.


Shalquoir is ancient, possibly predating the Age of Fire. Though most of her allusions are vague, she has several insights into the role of fate and history, with her comments possibly relating to Seath the Scaleless and even making references to the Lost Sinner, The Rotten, and the Ancient Dragon.


Items Homeward Bone
Homeward Bone ×10*
Prism Stone
Prism Stone ×10*
Alluring Skull
Alluring Skull ×10*
Lloyd's Talisman
Lloyd's Talisman ×10*
Souls 600 300 300 1,600

Armor Flying Feline Boots
Flying Feline Boots ×1**
Souls 6,000

* Infinite after Shrine of Winter
** Available after killing Royal Rat Authority and Royal Rat Vanguard



  • Sweet Shalquoir is similar to the Monumental from Demon's Souls, they both are immortal beings with immense knowledge, they cannot be killed and they mock the players for trying to do so.
  • Sweet Shalquoir is surprisingly the only NPC in Majula that cannot be killed. Attempts to kill her will only get a sarcastic reply from the cat. No negative effects come from attempting to kill her, she will still talk to you and sell you things. An unused dialogue quote found in the game's files, states it was possible to kill Shalquoir.
  • If she is scratching the wall, it is possible to speak to her through it on the other side, inside of the tent.
  • She is the only NPC who comments on the Wretch status of the Bearer of the Curse.