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For the Dark Souls variant, see Sunlight Talisman.

The Sunlight Talisman is a talisman in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

The Knight of Sunlight's personal talisman for casting miracles of the Gods.
The talisman bears the Knight's own holy illustration, an emblem of his unwavering faith. Use of the talisman's Skill fills the user with similar steadfastness.
Skill: Unfaltering Prayer
Temporarily increases poise while casting miracles, preventing enemy attacks from interrupting prayer . Works while equipped in either hand.


Found in the Farron Keep, on a medium-sized mound of land in the poisonous swamp, to the left of the ladder that leads to the Old Wolf of Farron altar.


The Sunlight Talisman has poor Spell Buff, under-performing against almost all other catalysts at all levels of Faith, only barely outperforming weak catalysts like the Saint-tree Bellvine and Sacred Chime of Filianore.

However, as stated in its description, it has the greatest amount of poise health when casting with Unfaltering Prayer at 120, twice that of the next-closest talisman. This allows players to poise through almost any attack thrown at them, including fully-charged two-handed strong attacks from ultra greatswords.

Overall, this means that the Sunlight Talisman is inefficient at casting Miracles that scale well with Faith, but that Miracles cast using this talisman are nearly impossible to interrupt unless being attacked simultaneously by multiple players wielding ultra weapons.


Reinforced with standard Titanite.

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