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The Sunlight Parma is a small shield in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

A small shield depicting a hero of yore.
Perhaps these famed champions are no more, or perhaps they have no desire appear in public view.
But their very absence has made tales of their brave deeds all the more alluring, and this shield memorializes one of their brethren.


The Sunlight Parma can be obtained by offering 10 Sunlight Medals to the Heirs of the Sun covenant and obtaining the first rank with them.


When infused with Lightning, the Sunlight Parma provides 100% lightning protection.


  • The warrior depicted on the shield resembles Solaire of Astora, a character from Dark Souls who was affiliated with the Warrior of Sunlight covenant, which is similar to the Heirs of the Sun covenant.
  • The shield's design was chosen by From Software for the Dark Souls II shield design contest;[1] its original name was the "Sunlight Warrior Dark", designed by Denis "DasHurz" Bachmaier.
  • There is a typo in the in-game description; where it says "desire appear", it should actually say "desire to appear".
  • There is a sun on the inside of the shield.


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