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The Storyteller's Staff (語り部の杖 Kataribe no Tsue, Staff of the Storytellers) is a staff in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

Staff of a heretic storyteller who shares tales of the Painted World to forlorn souls.
The storytellers, too, are wretched beings with no place to go. Their bodies, souls, and even their staves are all tainted through and through.
Skill: Poison Spores
Expel noxious spores from the formless, parasitical things that inhabit the staff.


Dropped by Corvian Storytellers.


As a Sorcery catalyst, the Storyteller's Staff is a rather mediocre tool. It is outclassed at almost all points by more basic staves like the Sorcerer's Staff and Heretic's Staff. As such, as a means for dealing spell damage, there is little reason to use this staff over others.

However, what the Storyteller's Staff does possess is a unique skill, Poison Spores, which inflicts a unique strain of Poison upon enemies that get caught by it. The Poison inflicted by this staff is significantly stronger than other strains of Poison, and only gets more powerful the more health the target has. This, combined with its low intelligence requirement, makes it a potent tool for wearing down stronger opponents even if the wielder isn't a dedicated sorcerer.


Reinforced with standard Titanite.

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