Stone Trader Chloanne

Stone Trader Chloanne is a character and merchant in Dark Souls II.


Stone Trader Chloanne is a merchant who is initially found sitting on a rock, by the cliff, overlooking the area in Harvest Valley


She is Blacksmith Lenigrast's daughter, trying to eke out her vocation as a stone trader all on her own. Exhausting her dialogue will convince her to move to Majula outside her father's workshop, realizing her endeavors brought little success, due to the lack of fellow travelers and merchant encounters.

She initially has a limited stock of Titanite Shards, but eventually begins to sell an unlimited amount of Shards, Large Shards and Chunks once the player has met certain conditions in the story. After spending 20,000 souls at her shop and exhausting her dialogue, she gives the player a piece of Twinkling Titanite.

Her dialogue implies that she doesn't recognize her father once she moves back to Majula, likely due to his hollowed condition.

Character InformationEdit


Hex Dead Again
Dead Again  ×1
Souls 4,000

Item Bonfire Ascetic
Bonfire Ascetic  ×1
Titanite Shard II
Titanite Shard  ×10
Large Titanite Shard II
Large Titanite Shard  ×10
Titanite Chunk II
Titanite Chunk  ×10
Souls 7,500 1000 2,500 6,000
Item Titanite Slab II
Titanite Slab  ×1
Twinkling Titanite II
Twinkling Titanite  ×3
Petrified Dragon Bone
Petrified Dragon Bone  ×3
Faintstone  ×3
Souls 13,000 15,000 17,500  7,000 
Item Boltstone
Boltstone  ×3
Firedrake Stone
Firedrake Stone  ×3
Darknight Stone
Darknight Stone  ×3
Poison Stone
Poison Stone  ×3
Souls 7,000  7,000  7,000  7,000
Item Bleed Stone
Bleed Stone  ×3
Raw Stone
Raw Stone  ×3
Magic Stone
Magic Stone  ×3
Old Mundane Stone
Old Mundane Stone  ×3
Souls 7,000 6,000   7,000 10,000 

Miracle Soul Appease
Soul Appease  ×1
Souls 8,800


Item Palestone
Drop Rate Guaranteed

Health and SoulsEdit

Health Souls
1,100 2,772 700 1,400