Stone Soldiers are enemies in Dark Souls II.


Stone Soldiers are only encountered in Drangleic Castle.


Loyal Drangleic soldiers turned to stone while diligently awaiting the return of their commander, Velstadt, the Royal Aegis.

There are two variants of this enemy: one wields a spear and shield, while the other only wields a spear. Stone Soldiers equipped with a shield will constantly block while under attack, but have attacks that are easy to punish. The Stone Soldiers that are only equipped with a spear will relentlessly pursue the player, giving little breathing time. Their barrage attack leaves them wide open to an attack, however.

The Stone Soldiers remain in their inanimate form until approached or attacked with a ranged weapon, at which point they will stand up and attack the player. Their moveset consists of quick barrages that are best avoided. They are weak to fire, hexes, and strike weapons.


  • Cannot be poisoned.
  • Stone Soldiers respawn infinitely, since they are needed to open golem doors.
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