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Stats (statistics) are a gameplay mechanic in Dark Souls III. They are numerical values that determine the physical and mental characteristics of each character.


Attributes are the base stats of a character. They govern several derived stats and determine which weapons and spells the character can use.

A character's initial attributes depend on the starting class selected by the player during character creation. They can be increased by leveling up the character at the Fire Keeper, or by equipping certain items.

Attribute points gained by leveling up can be redistributed by offering a Pale Tongue to Rosaria in the Cathedral of the Deep.

Dark Souls III Vigor Icon Vigor[]

Determines player maximum hit points

Dark Souls III Attunement Icon Attunement[]

Determines player maximum focus points and attunement slots in which spells are equipped

Dark Souls III Endurance Icon Endurance[]

Deternines player maximum stamina

Dark Souls III Vitality Icon Vitality[]

Determines equipment load, allowing players to employ heavier gear without suffering potential mobility and stamina recovery penalties

Dark Souls III Strength Icon Strength[]

Required to wield shields and weapons and improves weapon damage, particularly for heavy, powerful weapons

Dark Souls III Dexterity Icon Dexterity[]

Required to wield some weapons, boosts spellcasting speed, and improves weapon damage, particularly for fast, finesse-based weapons

Dark Souls III Intelligence Icon Intelligence[]

Boosts and is required for sorceries, pyromancies, and few weapons

Dark Souls III Faith Icon Faith[]

Boosts and is required for miracles, pyromancies, and few weapons

Dark Souls III Luck Icon Luck[]

Improves item discovery, bleed and poison output, and the damage of few weapons.