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For the class of items in Dark Souls II, see Starting Gifts (Dark Souls II).
For the class of items in Dark Souls III, see Burial Gifts.

Starting Gifts are starting items in Dark Souls which the player must choose from during Character Creation.


Unless otherwise stated, the player receives just one unit of the gift.


In-Game Description

No sign of a gift.

Choose this option if no gift is desired.

Goddess's Blessing[]

Item Divine Blessing

In-Game Description

Divine holy water. Fully restores HP and status.

Divine Blessing ×3. Consumable item that fully restores HP and clears negative status effects. Does not cure Curse.

Black Firebomb[]

Black firebomb

In-Game Description

Explodes upon impact when thrown. More deadly than std bomb.

Black Firebomb ×10. Throwable item that creates a powerful blaze, inflicting Fire Damage to those near the impact. They can be used to easily defeat the Asylum Demon when first encountered and therefore is a relatively easy way to obtain the Demon's Great Hammer on the first playthrough.

Twin Humanities[]

Item Twin Humanities

In-Game Description

Tiny sprite called humanity. Sometimes found on carcasses.

Twin Humanities. A consumable item that gives the player 2 units of liquid Humanity and fully replenishes their HP. The Humanity item can also be easily obtained from various locations, bosses, enemies and stolen in liquid form from most non-player characters.


Item Binoculars

In-Game Description

Binoculars. Use to peer at faraway sights.

Binoculars. Used to see distant threats, scenery, and other objects. This item can also be found in the graveyard, next to Firelink Shrine.


Item Pendant

In-Game Description

Trinket. No effect, but fond memories comfort travelers.

Pendant. Can be used to trade with Snuggly the Crow for a Souvenir of Reprisal and is also obtainable if certain circumstances are met.

Master Key[]

Master Key

In-Game Description

Opens any basic lock. Initial equip for thief.

Master Key. Starting item for Thief class. Reusable key that unlocks numerous areas earlier than usual. These include the Valley of Drakes, various doors in Undead Burg and others.

Tiny Being's Ring[]

Tiny Being's Ring

In-Game Description

Special tribal ring. HP recovers slowly while equipped.

Tiny Being's Ring. An accessory that gives the player a small boost in Health. Contrary to its description, it does not regenerate the wearer's HP and can also be obtained later on in the player's travels.

Old Witch's Ring[]

Ring Old Witch's Ring

In-Game Description

Gift from a witch. Ancient ring with no obvious effect.

Old Witch's Ring. Allows the Chosen Undead to understand the words of Quelaag's Sister. Can also be obtained later through an alternative method.