For a list of weapons that start on the standard path, see Standard Weapons.
Upgrade Path Standard

Standard is an upgrade path in Dark Souls.


Item Large Ember

The Large Ember grants access to Standard +6

Very Large Ember

The Very Large Ember grants access to Standard +11

Basic standard upgrades (up to +5) are available through all blacksmiths and the Weapon Smithbox item; however, Andre of Astora is the only blacksmith who has the ability to ascend standard items from +5 to +6 and from +10 to +11, after being given the Large Ember and the Very Large Ember, respectively. Any blacksmith, along with the Weapon Smithbox, may implement the intermediate upgrades to standard weapons with the required titanite and souls. Titanite Shards are required for levels up to +5, Large Titanite Shards from levels +6 to +10, Titanite Chunks from +11 to +14, and a Titanite Slab for +15.


Upgrade Path Standard +11

Upgrading to +11

Standard upgrades improve the weapon's base damage as well as the scaling it receives from Strength and/or Dexterity, unlike Raw Upgrades. For strength and dexterity builds, standard upgrades are the best choice in the long run for this reason. Although the Crystal path technically creates weapons with greater damage output, crystal weapons cannot be repaired and are therefore only effective in the short term; normal weapons can be used indefinitely as long as they are repaired.

All standard weapons (minus certain categories that are never enchantable, such as Bows and Crossbows) may be augmented